DRK's 90th Birthday

by Anjali Desai

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This campaign raised $1,011.
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As we celebrate our Dad’s 90th birthday, we feel it is very befitting that he has selected “Charity Water” as one of the charity’s he would like for us to support on his birthday.

Dad [D. R. Krishnamurthy a.k.a Murthy Saab], in his 38 yrs career as a Civil Engineer, spent 28 yrs of his career in Bhilai, India, in the “Water works-Public Health Department”. His job was to facilitate tapping natural water by digging bore wells followed by water purification process in the water works department, and then distribute it to the remote areas in Central India. His request to all of us is “not to waste water” and to save and optimize our natural resources for future generations. He conveys his sincere thanks to each one of you, for your contributions.

Thank you for making Dad’s birthday celebration a special one!

~Krishnamurthy family

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Thank you for helping us fund 100 wells in Ethiopia. Soon, 100 communities will be drinking clean and safe water from charity: water wells.

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