One for Good Luck

by Heather Martino

Heather brought clean water to Keriamu.


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This campaign raised $30.
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One for Good Luck is my Charity: Water Fundraising Campaign for my 24th Birthday. I first stumbled upon Charity: Water around this time last year when I was graduating college, and I remember thinking what an awesome job it would be to work for an organization that is dedicated to bringing water in the form of wells to communities all over the world that are in desperate need. While I can't say that I work for Charity: Water, I'm happy to report that I will start volunteering next month in New York. I was thinking of doing something like this for my 25th birthday, since that seems like a little more of a milestone than 24, but why wait a year while children and adults all over the world struggle everyday to survive without clean water? Since I'll technically have 25 candles on my cake this year, I'm calling my fundraising campaign "One for Good Luck!" Please donate any amount you can, whether $5 or $50, every little bit helps!

This campaign brought clean water to:
Keriamu, Malawi

We raised $30!
1 person will get clean water

$30 Raised
$2,500 Goal

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