Alyssa's 37th Birthday

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa brought clean water to Adi Berakti Elementary School and 18 other projects.

Alyssa's 37th Birthday

Water is life. Water-borne illness is the second highest cause of childhood death in the world. When water is unsafe and sanitation non-existent, water can kill. Access to clean water does more than just save lives, it can turn lives around. Clean water helps break the cycle of poverty.

I have everything I need. All I want for my Birthday is to fund clean water projects for 5 communities.

By helping me reach my goal, you will be giving 250 families what they need for survival and growth.

Thank you.

And Love,

UPDATE: With tears in my eyes and due to your overwhelming generosity and faith, I have raised my goal to 50,000 dollars. Thank you, for reminding me how good it feels to give and make a difference. I will never forget this Birthday. You have inspired me with your kindness and compassion.

By raising the goal, together we will provide life-giving water for 10 communities, 500 families and 2,500 people. Saying "thank you," doesn't seem to be enough, but just know, my gratitude is endless.

UPDATE 2: I'm overwhelmed and bubbling over with pride. Thanks to all of you, we have reached the $50,000 goal in less than a week. Why stop here? I'm raising our campaign goal to 75,000 dollars. I see this as an unexpected and unique opportunity to do something incredible. We have this moment to make a wide-scale difference.

Generations to come will be transformed by your generosity, compassion and kindness. You are saving lives and I am forever grateful.

We are giving clean water to the developing world one person at a time. By raising the goal, together we will provide life-giving water for 15 communities, 750 families and 3750 people.

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This campaign brought clean water to:
Adi Berakti Elementary School, Ethiopia

This campaign contributed to 18 other projects. See all of Alyssa's projects here »

Learn about the water crisis

Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that.

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