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The first step is simple - just pledge your birthday by using the form above, and share your pledge to let the world know you’re serious.

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When your birthday is near, we’ll remind you to start a fundraising page and ask your friends to donate to clean water for your big day.

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We’ll use 100% of the money you raise to fund clean water projects. When complete, you’ll see the exact projects you funded with photos and GPS.

A birthday story: meet Lory.

Birthday Facts

19 Million

birthdays are celebrated around the world every day.


average amount raised by a person’s birthday campaign.

38 People

get clean water as a result of an average birthday campaign.


has already been raised for clean water through birthdays.

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Why Water?

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The water crisis.

663 million people still live without clean water in developing countries around the world. Many walk 2-4 hours a day to swamps and rivers to gather dirty water for their families.

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About our work.

Since charity: water started in 2006, we've funded projects in countries around the world that have brought clean water to millions of people. Join us. Pledge your birthday.

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