Gio's 25th Birthday

Joey Vanas

Joey brought clean water to Bulaga - Bf Fikiri and 1 other project.

Gio's 25th Birthday

A year ago we had the amazing fortune to be a part of the Delivering Happiness Bus Tour, a 3 month 23 city journey around the country with the mission to Inspire and Be Inspired.

One of the most inspiring things we did was make a visit to the charity:water headquarters in New York. Giselle was part of this visit and was so moved by their work that she has since done a few campaigns to raise money. Last week was my birthday and she donated $5,000 and dedicated a well to my honor - it was the best gift I've ever received.

I was very inspired by this act and want to replicate it, but need your help to raise the $5k necessary by the end of this year. If we're short I'll make up the difference on Dec 31st, but until then I hope you will get involved!

Thank you Delivering Happiness, thank you charity:water, and thank you Giselle for continuing to inspire people to make a difference!!

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This campaign brought clean water to:
Bulaga - Bf Fikiri, Democratic Republic of the Congo

This campaign contributed to 1 other project. See all of Joey's projects here »

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