Jessica Kahawaty's 25th Birthday

Jessica Michelle Kahawaty

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Jessica Kahawaty's 25th Birthday

After the success of last year's charity water campaign on my 24th birthday where we raised enough funds to build a well in Rwanda, I've decided to start a new one for my 25th to help people in Orissa, India.

I won't be having a big birthday party nor asking for gifts on the 12th of September... Instead, I am asking you to donate to one of my favourite charities, charity:water my age in dollars. I'm turning a quarter of a century - 25 years old!

Clean water is one of life's most basic necessities. You've all read the facts and seen the figures of what dirty water can do to a life, a society, a country... It hinders children from attending school, wastes time from work and causes 4000 children to die daily from water-related diseases.

Why is it one of my favourite charities? It changes lives forever and it gives 100% of public donations to the cause. Operational costs are all covered by private investors!!

Drinking water is not accessible to over 1 billion people in the world. So if you donate $25, $250 or any amount you can (every dollar counts), you will be helping me change lives.

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Learn about the water crisis in India

It's about dignity, justice, health and the future. It's about clean water for 100 communities in India. Your donation will help bring running water directly into the homes of families in Orissa.

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100% of donations fund water projects

Private donors cover our operating cost so that 100% of all public donations can go directly to water project costs. Learn more