28th Birthday Wish

Jess Root

Jess brought clean water to Kaulimbo.

28th Birthday Wish

friends + family, on june 25, I'm turning 28. while it's easy to focus on me (small me) getting older, i'm keeping in mind that millions of people don't live to see their 5th birthday because they don't have access to clean, safe water. (extensive travels to native villages in latin america has shown me the preciousness of clean water directly.) with this, I'm celebrating my birthday like never before. i'm asking for $28 from everyone I know - and every penny of the money raised will go directly to fund freshwater projects in developing nations. even better, every dollar is "proved" when the projects are complete, and photos and GPS coordinates are posted using google earth. tho i set a lofty goal of $5000 because i like to dream big (and $5000 builds a complete well for a community of 250 people), if i can raise close to $1000 by my birthday, june 25 that would be awesome. but really, anything can help. please consider helping me. if you do, i will celebrate you like never before and send you virtual kisses and hugs if i can't see you in person! (you'll amass positive karma in the meantime.) me and bodhisattva yoga/vivekan are the first two donors. :) xojess

ps-- to offer perspective just $20 provides clean water to an individual.

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This campaign brought clean water to:
Kaulimbo, Malawi

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