Maggie's Sweet Sixteen

Maggie Moran

Maggie brought clean water to May Welel Community and 2 other projects.

Maggie's Sweet Sixteen

Imagine yourself leaving your home everyday and walking miles, just to get water. Now imagine arriving at your destination, to find that the only source of water is a dirty swamp filled with muddy, contaminated water, which is what you must bring back to your friends and family. For millions of people living in the world right now, that is their reality. 50% of hospital beds are filled with people who are sick because they drink dirty water. If you are like me, you can't even understand a world like this, because we have an endless supply of clean water right at our fingertips. We don't even realize how lucky we are, because it seems so simple. But if you've ever seen a video of people living in these conditions, they are the happiest people you've ever seen. They dance and sing and are just so happy to be alive. When I found out about Charity: Water, an organization that raises money to build wells in communities suffering from the lack of clean water, I knew I wanted to do something to help. I am so blessed with the life that I have, while some people truly have nothing. So lieu of gifts for my sweet sixteen, I would appreciate it if you made a donation to Charity: Water. Just $20 can give someone clean water for 20 years! Any donation helps! Thank you!

Most people ask me why I don't want presents for my birthday. But this is my present. Getting actual presents is nice, but truthfully, I won't remember what I got in a year or two. But funding a well? That is something I will remember forever.

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This campaign brought clean water to:
May Welel Community, Ethiopia

This campaign contributed to 2 other projects. See all of Maggie's projects here »

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Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that.

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