Benjamin's 29th Birthday

Benjamin Neeley

Benjamin brought clean water to Wekela Community.

Benjamin's 29th Birthday

As every last one of you know, my birthday is quickly approaching. This year my birthday will be on June 30, and I have figured out exactly what I want.


I have said that I wanted nothing before but never meant it until now. I actually want you not to buy me a thing for my birthday. No surprise parties. No all-inclusive vacations. No puppies. Nothing.

So take back whatever it is you have bought me from Sky-Mall Magazine and spend your money on something that actually matters.


I have partnered with Charity Water by giving up my 29th birthday so that those who live in poverty simply because of where they were born might have hope for a healthier future.

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100% of all money raised will go directly to a water project and is tax deductible.

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This campaign brought clean water to:
Wekela Community, Ethiopia

Learn about the water crisis

Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that.

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