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100 wells for the holidays

campaigns started for clean water

1 wells funded, $1 raised

one well = $10,000

one well = $20

$10,000 fully funds a well in Ethiopia, and every $20 you raise can give one person clean water.

We're making a dent in Ethiopia

We started working in the region of Tigray, Ethiopia, four years ago, when over 2 million people didn't have access to clean water.

But in the last 4 years, we've made a dramatic dent: we've funded over 2,100 water projects here that will serve 830,000 people with clean water for years to come. We won't stop until we solve the water crisis here, but we need your help to do it. 100% of donations to your campaign will directly fund water projects in Tigray, Ethiopia and give clean water to people in need.


Women and kids walk hours in search of water. A well nearby can restore valuable time to their day.


Dirty water can cause diarrhea, even death, most often in kids. A clean water well can change that.

Bahra village got clean water because of a fundraising campaign. See more stories from Ethiopia »

Give up holiday gifts, gather your family around the Thanksgiving table, sing Christmas carols or dedicate one day of Hanukkah. You can do anything to fundraise for clean water.

at the table
on thanksgiving
for clean

Throw an
office party
and charge $10
at the door
Christmas ornaments

Ask for donations
to water projects
instead of
Christmas gifts
Have a
fight for

Dedicate a night
of Hanukkah to
clean water

Give up
the gifts
as a family
Sell hot
on your

Proving it

We track every dollar you raise, showing you the water projects you helped fund and the lives you change. Learn more

100% funds water projects

Private donors fund our operating cost so you don't have to. 100% of all public donations fund water project costs. Learn more