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Prefectorale de Bimbo School

Completed: June 2012 [?]
country [?]

Central African Republic

People Served
people served [?]


Drilled Well
project type [?]

Deep Borehole

  • Sponsor: Vilseck High School [?]
  • GPS: 4.325067, 18.52525 [?]
  • Project Cost: $18,935.00 [?]
  • Local Partner: Integrated Community Development International [?]
  • Project ID: CF.ICD.Q4.10.065.091[?]
  • Field Notes:

    This project was constructed at a school. charity: water projects at schools like this one use clean water as a catalyst to improve the overall health of kids and the surrounding community. That means each school project includes a water source, but also hygiene training.

    Students here used to walk up to two hours to collect dirty water before school that often made them sick. Thanks to your help, the students now have access to clean and safe drinking water right at their school!

    Our partner included photos of the community you helped and the Water Committee that was selected and trained to oversee this water project. They collect a monthly fee from each family for routine maintenance. Learn more about how ICDI ensures sustainability here >>

    Note: Our field teams were able to take a photo of your project while it was under construction. We’ve included that photo in your set so that you can see part of the construction process!

    Note: Wondering why there’s a photo of a river, pond, swamp or open well in your report? That’s the community’s previous water source. Thanks to you, they don’t have to use this anymore.

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