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Ibata Community

Completed: June 2012 [?]
country [?]

Central African Republic

People Served
people served [?]


Drilled Well
project type [?]

Deep Borehole

  • GPS: 3.72455, 17.641583 [?]
  • Project Cost: $18,935.00 [?]
  • Local Partner: Integrated Community Development International [?]
  • Project ID: CF.ICD.Q4.10.065.102[?]
  • Field Notes:

    Note: Our field teams were able to take a photo of your project while it was under construction. We’ve included that photo in your set so that you can see part of the construction process!

    Note: Wondering why there’s a photo of a river, pond, swamp or open well in your report? That’s the community’s previous water source. Thanks to you, they don’t have to use this anymore.

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