Get Started

Keep Going

Finish Strong

Say Thanks

3 steps to get your campaign moving!

Did you know that the average campaign raises $1,000?

Most donations come in the final push!

Thank your donors and inspire them to start campaigns!

  • Get Started
  • Keep Going
  • Finish Strong
  • Say Thanks

MAKE THE FIRST DONATION What a great donation {{ member.first_name }}!

Donating to your own campaign proves you're committed and gives it some momentum!


SEND YOUR FIRST EMAIL Great email! Click to send another.

Our most successful campaigns usually have one thing in common: they use email to reach out to their supporters.

Announce your Campaign Awesome post. You rock!

Reach out to your social networks to spread the word about your campaign!


Send a follow-up email Awesome follow-up {{ member.first_name }}!

Sometimes people need a second nudge. Don't be shy about sending a follow-up email.

Keep your community updated Way to reach out {{ member.first_name }}!

Reaching out a few times keeps your supporters invested.


SEND A reminder email Third time’s a charm! Send another!

Let your supporters know that time is running out and remind them how their donation will make a difference.

Give it a final push Great post! Way to go {{ member.first_name }}!

Persistence pays off! Give your networks one last chance to help out your campaign.


Send a thank you email Sweet email! Click to send more.

Send all your donors a personalized thank you email to let them know how much you appreciated their support.

Thank your supporters Awesome post {{ member.first_name }}, you rock!

Send them a tweet or tag them on Instagram. Heck, you can even send them a postcard if you're old-school.