Here's what you can do with mycharity: water!

Your profile is where it all starts. In order to do anything on mycharity: water, you must have a profile. The reason is simple -- we want to be able to show you the projects you helped fund when they're complete. The goal of mycharity: water is not only to connect you to other fundraisers, but also to the people served.

Here's where the real fun begins. Once you're a member of mycharity: water, you can start a fundraising campaign, watch donations come in and see who gave - in real time. Share your campaign with friends and start as many as you wish!

Tell everyone you know about your campaign, but also tell them why they should join your mission! Make it personal, share your passion to change the world. And remember to let them know that 100% of the money donated goes straight to water project costs.

We tie every dollar raised on mycharity: water to a project serving people in need. Then, we show you the GPS coordinates, photos and other details of the community you helped! Whether you or your friends give $5 or $5,000, you'll see the impact of your efforts. To make sure our work is sustainable, our local partners need 21 months to build the project and train the community in hygiene and sanitation. Learn about how we tie every dollar to a project here >