charity: water

charity: water

This campaign closed on Aug 26, 2013 and $16,513 was sent to the field. LEARN WHAT HAPPENS NEXT 

charity: water

If you came to a friend's campaign and it was closed, you most likely ended up here. This is the official charity: water campaign page, started by us -- the charity: water staff.

When you donate here, 100% of every dollar will fund water projects for people in need, just like if you donated on your friend's campaign. We'll send your money to the field along with all the other donations made on this page, and you'll see proof of how it was spent in 18 months.

We've seen the incredible impact water has on people's lives. Clean water brings health into communities and saves hours of time for women and girls who used to walk hours to fetch dirty water.

We have a pretty simple saying that sums it all up -- "Water changes everything". We wrote it really big on the wall here in our office to remind us every day why we do what we do. Thanks for believing in our mission to bring clean water to everyone on earth.

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Learn about the water crisis

Diseases from unsafe water and lack of basic sanitation kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war. Your donation will help change that.

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100% of donations fund water projects

Private donors cover our operating cost so that 100% of all public donations can go directly to water project costs. Learn more