sarah's 1st grade class

Jieun Lee

Jieun brought clean water to Arato Community.

sarah's 1st grade class

sarah’s 1st grade class is learning about “industriousness” this year. she says:

“our expected school learning result (school theme) for this year is "industriousness" so we're supposed to relate this to three of our subjects in some way. for this particular activity. i’m relating it to math. they are bringing in pennies (that they earned in someway) and counting them by 10's but my intention through this activity is that industriousness isn’t just correlated to productivity or self glorification. i wanted them to understand that God can use our industriousness to help other people.”

the pennies that they’re raising will be donated to an organization called charity: water, a non-profit with the goal of making clean water available to every person on the planet. check out their website, i encourage you to learn about them and what they do. it’s not your typical non-profit, which is one reason why i love them.

i hope that more than focusing on the total raised, they learn that when they give, it results/prompts others to give as well. thought i’d open it up to you as well.

please don’t feel obligated to give, and give whatever amount you want. sarah asked me to write a letter to her students, so feel free to do that as well. please forward this link to others as well.

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This campaign brought clean water to:
Arato Community, Ethiopia

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