SocialGood Summit Powering Water

Jason Bradsahw

Jason helped fund the Yellow Thunder Drilling Rig.

SocialGood Summit Powering Water

I've followed charity water for a while now and not only does 100% of your donation go directly to providing clean drinking water to people that need it most.

Charity Water's uniquely reports back to you on what your donation has directly funded.

This is a model charity from all that I know and I encourage you to give a little or a lot to help give people the simple gift of water.

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This campaign help fund a drilling rig!

This campaign helped fund a rig in Ethiopia that can drill 80 wells a year.

Thousands joined the September Campaign to fund a drilling rig fleet in Ethiopia. On February 27, 2012, Yellow Thunder broke ground drilling its first well. Watch the video to see what happened.

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100% of donations fund water projects

Private donors cover our operating cost so that 100% of all public donations can go directly to water project costs. Learn more