Super Ungnome Tour Pt 2

Remy Stevensen

Remy brought clean water to Tiget Community.

Super Ungnome Tour Pt 2

My wife and I gave up nearly everything we owned to ride our bicycles across the United States to raise awareness about the lack of clean drinking water around the world and to raise money for Charity: Water. I quit my job, we sold and donated what we weren't bringing with us or sending ahead for future provisions. Not only is it us two, we are pulling two of our young children with us.

We began our trip on March 1st in Long Beach California and we are riding to Bar Harbor, Maine by June 1st. We have currently ridden over 1100 miles and we have another 2,000+ ahead of us. Our goal was to raise $5,000 and our last campaign only raised $284 of it so now we are starting a new campaign to raise the rest.

On this trip our family has really realized out precious water is and how lucky we used to have it. As an American family we used on average 100 gallons a day while those in developing countries are lucky to have 5. As parents we could never imagine needing our children to walk for miles for water. We couldn't imagine our children dieing because of a lack of clean drinking water, and now we can't stand idly by while 4,100 children die each day.

Everyday we have to carry our own drinking water. Everyday we have to ration and plan. Everyday we have to hope there will be water available along the road and where we will be stopped for the night. Everyday we become more and more dedicated to helping others.

Will you help those people in need? Just $20 will provide clean drinking water for a person for the next 20 years. We'll keeping riding but we need your help to help others.

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This campaign brought clean water to:
Tiget Community, Ethiopia

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