Twenty Project FINAL!

Kayla Frost

Kayla helped fund the Yellow Thunder Drilling Rig.

Twenty Project FINAL!

[NOTE: This is the last of four campaigns for the yearlong Twenty Project fundraiser, since each can only last three months. $1,957 was raised in the first three rounds.]

Hi! I'm Kayla. I started a yearlong project called Twenty to bring clean, safe water to people in need by collaborating with 20 artists and increasing education about the water crisis. Through, I am selling songs and artwork donated by the 20 contributors throughout the year of 2011. All proceeds will be donated to charity: water.

This is where you can donate directly to charity: water through my Twenty campaign. I will also be transfering all proceeds from Twenty sales to this page, so we can all watch how many people we're helping.

I'll turn 21 during this campaign, so it's extra special. This year, I'm asking people to donate to my campaign instead of buy me presents!

We are all human beings on this planet together. Let’s help each other. Let's fill the world with compassion and love and beauty. We can't do everything, but we can do something -- and it matters.

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This campaign help fund a drilling rig!

This campaign helped fund a rig in Ethiopia that can drill 80 wells a year.

Thousands joined the September Campaign to fund a drilling rig fleet in Ethiopia. On February 27, 2012, Yellow Thunder broke ground drilling its first well. Watch the video to see what happened.

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