Vertical Sprint for charity:water

Federico Brunello

Federico helped fund the Yellow Thunder Drilling Rig.

Vertical Sprint for charity:water

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For the fifth anniversary of charity:water I have decided to do something crazy: race to the top of one of the tallest skyscrapers in Italy and try to make it in the shortest time possible.

It will not be an easy task, though: 39 floors (aka 866 steps) are quite a daunting terrain to test athletes' vertical running abilities.


On September 25th150 runners including world champions Cristina Bonacina, Fabio Ruga and Thomas Dold will spice up this great event in Milan, Italy which is part of the Vertical Running World Championship.

Vertical running is the urban evolution of the concept of Skyrunning and Vertical Kilometer, a discipline patronized by the International Skyrunning Federation that has attracted more and more athletes in recent years.

Yet instead of taking place among wild landscapes and steep mountains, Vertical Running races are run within the world's highest skyscrapers and take place in the most cosmopolitan and vibrant international cities: New York, London, Taipei, Sydney, Singapore...

Charity:water is a great organization whose aim is providing free, safe drinking water to people in 19 countries. In just 5 years they have helped more than 2 million people by providing them with sanitation and drinking water. In turn access to clean drinking water provides for improved health, education and economy and yields 12$ for every dollar spent on water projects.

LET'S GIVE a "VERTICAL SPRINT" to charity:water's project and raise enough to buy a drilling rig!!! Each rig will be able to drill 80 wells per year providing water to an extra 40,000 people. If we reach the 1.2 M threshold, then our donation will be MATCHED by a sponsor who will donate an extra rig to the project.

The trustworthiness of the organization is undisputable. For every project 100% of the money raised goes to on field operations and donors are constantly informed about where money goes and which projects have been funded.

Despite I am just an amateur runner, I have been training for almost one year and the chubby couch potato I was has gradually transformed into a fitter guy.

Water changes everything. It takes only $20 (approx 14 EUR) to give clean drinking water to a person for 20 years. That's why I am so determined to finish the race and make this campaign a success. I wish more and more fellow vertical runners will join me!

I would love that charity:water and International Skyrunning Federation could some day partner so to have more athletes and fans contribute towards such great endeavor: ending the water crisis, one well at a time.

Federico Brunello (amateur skyrunner)

Per il quinto compleanno di charity:water corrererò fino in cima al Palazzo della Regione Lombardia, uno dei più alti d'Italia e dovrò farcela nel minor tempo possibile.

Non sarà una cosa facile: 39 piani per 866 scalini sono un banco di prova importante per provare le proprie capacità di corsa in salita.


Il 25 Settembre a Milano 150 runners, compresi i campioni in carica Cristina Bonacina, Fabio Ruga e Thomas Dold daranno fuoco alle polveri di questa grande competizione che si inserisce all'interno del campionato mondiale di Vertical Running.

La "corsa in verticale" è l'evoluzione in ambito urbano dello Skyrunning e della disciplina del Vertical Kilometer, promosse dalla Federazione Internazionale di Skyrunning.

Sempre più atleti e amatori si sono cimentati in questa sfida negli ultimi anni. Invece che prendere parte tra gli scenari selvaggi e solitari delle montagne, le gare di Vertical Running si disputano nei grattacieli più alti del mondo inseriti nelle città più cosmopolite ed affollate del pianeta: New York, Londra, Taipei, Sydney, Singapore, Milano...

Attualmente più di 1 MILIARDO di persone non ha accesso all'acqua potabile, quasi 1 persona su 6 nel mondo. Charity:water è una grande associazione no-profit che mira a fornire accesso gratuito all'acqua potabile in 19 Paesi.

In soli 5 anni siamo riusciti a fornire accesso all'acqua a più di 2 MILIONI di persone fornendo loro acqua potabile e strutture igieniche adeguate.

L'accesso all'acqua potabile libera le donne dal pesante obbligo di andare alla ricerca dell'acqua, dando loro più tempo per studiare, iniziare piccole attività economiche o prendersi cura dei figli. Non ci fermeremo finché OGNI SINGOLA PERSONA AVRA' ACCESSO ALL'ACQUA.

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This campaign help fund a drilling rig!

This campaign helped fund a rig in Ethiopia that can drill 80 wells a year.

Thousands joined the September Campaign to fund a drilling rig fleet in Ethiopia. On February 27, 2012, Yellow Thunder broke ground drilling its first well. Watch the video to see what happened.

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