Will Smidlein

Will Smidlein

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Will Smidlein

Make me do stupid things. For a good cause.

Hi. I'm Will.

Lots of people donated to Mike Beasley's iOS7 Charity Water campaign.


I think it's stupid, but I'll also happily make my life hell for charity. So here goes.

$100 [PROBLEMS (see below)] - I will listen to an entire One Direction album. All of it. Start to back. I'll film it too.

UPDATE: So I listened to an entire 1D album. The whole thing. One sitting.

And Photo Booth screwed up the audio/video sync.


$200 [DONE - UPLOADING TOMORROW] - I will listen to an entire Taylor Swift album. All of it. Start to back. I'll film it too.

$500 [DONE] - I will watch a whole episode of My Little Pony. I'll let Streza pick which episode. I'll film my reactions.

$750 [DONE] - I will record an audiobook of me reading a MLP fan-fiction (up to an hour).

$900 [January 25th - January 31st] - I will use only Google+ for a week. Basically, I'll talk to myself.

$1,000 [January 25th - January 31st] - I will use Windows (and Microsoft-type) products for an entire week. I'll use a PC for all work. If someone wants to send me a Windows Phone, I'll use that instead of my iPhone.

$1,250 [Tonight] - I will watch an entire season of Honey Boo Boo. In one sitting. And (of course) livestream it.

$1,500 - I will change my system font to Comic Sans for a week. I hate myself for agreeing to do this.

$2,000 - I will write a Twitter client in Ruby/RoR. And livestream it. For those unaware, I dislike RoR and despise the Twitter API. So, ya know. Fun times for all.

$5,000 - I will spend 10 hours watching My Little Pony. I will do a livestream of these 10 hours. Please no.

$10,000 - I will use only a Google G1 for a week. The original Android phone. It literally takes 60 seconds to open the messaging app.

$50,000 - I'll put my Twitter username up for auction. All of the proceeds from that auction will also go to Charity: Water.

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